This site

To be honest, it is probably way more complex than it needs to be. I use the Hugo static site generator to generate the website from a simple template I made myself. I tried to optimise for downloaded size and page load time, which also made the task of creating this a bit harder.

I use the blogPhoto shortcode written by Vojtěch Káně for Pátek’s website and the system for pregenerating FontAwesome icons is inspired by this blogpost by Nick Galbreath.

Also, please excuse any gramatical or stylistic errors, English isn’t my first language and especially commas are still a bit of a challenge for me - I tend to haphasardly apply Czech comma rules and that really doesn’t work. If you found an error, please don’t hesitate to drop me an issue or merge request in the repository.

The source code of the site is available under the MIT licence and all the content is under CC-BY-4.0.