Links to other cool blogs and other interesting sites.


My friend, classmate and partner-in-crime for almost everything I do. He can do everything I can, just better. He also does cybersecurity, but at a much deeper level than me and that’s what most his blog posts are about. I don’t know much more to say. He’s cool af. Check him out.

Vojta Káně

We also met in school, but he’s two years older than me. He led me through my first steps in computer science and Linux and taught me a big part of what I know. Even now, whenever we talk, I always learn so much information about an interesting topic (and usually almost suffocate laughing). He is a scout, nixOS user, freedom and openness madman and a really good programmer. Not only can he code almost anything, he can do it well.


Club/makerspace in my school. There might be some articles or talks by me. I also talk about my involvement with them here, here and here.


A Czech programming contest, I sometimes take part in I currently help organise. Their website has a nice programming course and contains loads of computer science knowledge.

Ah! You found my easter egg! Here's you reward, an absolutely based blog written by a girl I know. It contains teen twitter shitposts sprinkled with amazingly broad knowledge of technology and networking, knitting, and recipes for all kinds of food. All of that is packaged in a beautifully broken 90s-style pure HTML website. Caution: May contain weird unicode characters, cotton and swans.